Police station shutters, Newcastle

Pro Coatings Solutions were recently asked to respray the numerals on a set of police station shutters in Newcastle.

On site spraying numerals on police station shutters

At the police station in Forth Banks, Newcastle, the Pro Coatings Solutions team were given the brief of spraying the numerals 1, 2, 3 and 4 in yellow paint on a set of 4 shutters. The style of the numerals and the colour of the yellow paint had to match that of existing symbols at the bottom of the shutters.

High quality paintwork

We used a set of vinyl stencils to provide a flexible, versatile and quick spraying process. We carefully matched the font of the existing text on the shutters and once fixed into position, carried out the paintwork inside the stencils.

Fast turnaround

Thanks the excellent skills and experience of the Pro Coatings Solutions painting team, we were able to carry out the spraying in under a day. The police were very pleased with the incredibly quick turnaround of our service!