On-site shopfront re-spray in Wallsend

Commercial and retail on site wet spraying

In 2012, we were contracted to convert a shopfront in Wallsend from a Premier store to a Nisa shop. As well as taking over the unit, Nisa wanted to upgrade the branding to reflect their new venture – Loco stores. The Holycross store was the first to offer conversion to the Loco brand, with a new fascia to match the emphasis on branding throughout the store. Shopfront refurbishment Nisa approached us about our on-site painting services to help with their shop front refurbishment. Rather than replacing the fascia, we re-sprayed the storefront inside and out to cover the purple Premier branding, painting the shop white ready for the new Loco logo and signage. All the work was carried out within the time specified by the client – just one working day. We carried out prep work and re-spraying of aluminium window frames and door during opening times, with minimal disruption … Continue reading

Police station shutters, Newcastle

Pro Coatings Solutions were recently asked to respray the numerals on a set of police station shutters in Newcastle. On site spraying numerals on police station shutters At the police station in Forth Banks, Newcastle, the Pro Coatings Solutions team were given the brief of spraying the numerals 1, 2, 3 and 4 in yellow paint on a set of 4 shutters. The style of the numerals and the colour of the yellow paint had to match that of existing symbols at the bottom of the shutters. High quality paintwork We used a set of vinyl stencils to provide a flexible, versatile and quick spraying process. We carefully matched the font of the existing text on the shutters and once fixed into position, carried out the paintwork inside the stencils. Fast turnaround Thanks the excellent skills and experience of the Pro Coatings Solutions painting team, we were able to carry … Continue reading

uPVC colour change, Leechmere, Sunderland


In one recent domestic project, Pro Coatings Solutions were asked to conduct a uPVC colour change in a domestic property in Sunderland. On-site uPVC respraying in a domestic property In this project, a customer contacted us to change the colour of his uPVC windows and doors. Having just installed a new grey bi-fold door at the rear of the property, the customer wanted to bring the aesthetic of the other uPVC windows and doors in line with the colour of the new door. Silver grey finish to match new bi-fold door The brief was to change the colour of the standard white uPVC windows and doors in the property to a silver grey finish to match the look of the bi-fold door. For the Pro Coatings Solutions team this was no problem at all. No fuss colour change Changing the the colour of white uPVC is a growing trend, and … Continue reading

Patshull Hall, Wolverhampton


A recent project saw the Pro Coatings team called in to help in the renovation of Patshull Hall, a property in Wolverhampton. On-site staircase spindle respraying In this project, Pro Coatings Solutions were given the brief of respraying the spindles of a spiral staircase in the property. The client wanted us to spray the spindles in a dark silver finish to match the existing aesthetic of his home. The house was undergoing renovation at the time of respraying, so we were required to work a strict time schedule of one day. Conscientious respraying Due to the fact that the property was undergoing a complete renovation, our teams of painters had to be very careful with the spraying process: they had to make sure that overspray did not occur and damage any other fixtures in the house. To minimise the risk of this happening, we masked the area off, protecting any … Continue reading

Low Fell, Hexham


As well as offering commercial respraying services, Pro Coatings also offer domestic respraying so that homeowners can get the perfect aesthetic for their property. Domestic respraying uPVC windows on-site In this project, Pro Coatings Solutions were called in to respray some existing rosewood coloured uPVC windows in a domestic property. The customer wanted 5 bay windows, 2 small windows, a front door and a side screen to be painted white in order to be in keeping with the aesthetic of other homes in the street. Pre-spraying preparation All of the uPVC window and door frames were prepared and cleaned before respraying in order to provide the highest quality finish possible. We added additional coats of paint so that an even, brilliant white could be achieved, in keeping with the customer’s wishes. Respraying in adverse weather conditions Access to the site, due to the sloping of the gardens for the ground … Continue reading

Nisa Forrest Hall


Pro Coatings Solutions are specialists when it comes to providing high quality, on site finishes and more detailed finishing repairs for commercial premises. We were recently asked to help in the rebranding of Nisa Forrest Hall. This involved respraying a shop counter and repairing the finish on a series of promotional panels. On-site commercial premises respraying The first part of the project required us to respray a shop counter from a very dark blue, to silver; matching the NISA Store’s new colour scheme. Thanks to the exceptional experience and skills of the Pro Coatings Solutions team this presented no real problem to us. Respraying commercial counters is something we excel in. High pressured deadline: one evening! Due to the fact that the premises is a busy shop during the day, we were required to complete the work during the course of one evening. This was to prevent disruption to any … Continue reading

ITV Studios Balustrade


No stranger to working in a range of exciting environments, one recent project saw the Pro Coatings Solutions team called in to help the ITV Studios in Manchester. High quality respraying on-site, to a short deadline During installation, the balustrade that lined the riverside of the studios had become damaged. Several posts needed respraying and the work had to be carried out incredibly quickly, to an exceptional quality. The client also specified a wish that the work be carried out with minimal disruption to the surrounding studios. Quick colour solutions ITV Studios contacted Pro Coatings Solutions because of our industry-renowned reputation for providing competitive high quality coating solutions, fast. The most important aspect of the installation was that it needed to be carried out in a short space of time, and to a high quality. That’s why we were chosen to help: our on-site services are some of the most … Continue reading